You and your pet are ready to embark on a trip together, but the important thing is not to be set off unprepared. Whenever, travelling with pets requires careful packing and preparation. However, a little planning can help you and your buddy for an adventurous trip together in no time.

Dogs howl to make contact with others, to attract attention and to announce their presence. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night listening to the sound of your dog howling. Even some dogs also howl in response to high pitched sounds, such as emergency vehicle sirens or

After making research on breeds you’ve finally picked the perfect match. Now as he/she becomes the new family member, is looking up at you and it’s time to name him. The choices are endless. It is all depends upon you as pet owner to typically give a human name or

They are the important part of your family… don’t they deserve real safety..? Providing a safe environment is more important as when you made a decision to take a new pet as part of your family. Proper steps should be taken to prepare home for your new family member in

We are planning to start a foster program where we include a network of volunteers who are willing to keep a rescued puppies for a specific period of time till we find a permanent home for them. We as CFA team take this initiative to start this program due to