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    Caring and Feeding animals has rescued many dogs and cats from the street and most of them were either street or pedigree breeds, which are abandoned by their owners. Our motive is to rehabilitate them and settle them into loving and caring homes within a short span of time.

    At CFA, we believe that 90% of the cases of the injuries that come across in the strays can be treated in the streets by our team or else by the volunteers. Mostly, with the help of various volunteers and like minded residents we provide AID to the needed strays so that they can able to recover as early as possible.

    CFA started this programme in order to take up the opportunity for providing extra care/nutrition to stray dogs/cats for recovery from the life threatening diseases as well as in the condition that they were in. These stray animals due to lack of food and water suffer from gastro, distemper and other such deadly diseases.
  • Vaccination

    At CFA, we consider that a vaccinated dog/cat is a healthy and happy one. At the beginning when we started all the dogs in our area were vaccinated once a year for ‘Rabies’ but over the period of time we work out and realize the significance of the other various diseases/infections that they are prone to on the street.

You and your pet are ready to embark on a trip together, but the important thing is not to be set off unprepared. Whenever, travelling with pets requires careful packing and preparation. However, a little planning can help you and your buddy for an adventurous trip together in no time. Carrier: No matter the type of travel – either by train, automobile or plan—your pet needs to be housed in a pet-safe carrier or kennel. An appropriate carrier will be ventilated with mesh on at least two sides, have a secure gateway and fit your pet comfortably with several inches on any side of his body. If by travelling by car make sure the carrier has proper seat belt clips. For air travel, be sure to check with your airline for specific kennel requirements ...

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